Evan Sparkman

Web Developer, IT Specialist


I am an outgoing and energetic young professional, seeking a career that fits my skills and personality. I am best fit into a like minded atmosphere where I can help make positive changes that drives the business forward.



Ability to speak the language of vendors and clients alike. Work with my team to help communicate clear goals to reach success.


Ability to organize and prioritize multiple tasks at one time.


Energetic and consistently striving to influence an upbeat and positive attiutde.


  • CoffeeScript
  • ReactJS/VueJS
  • Javascript(NodeJS, ES5, ES6)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Postgresql
  • Git
  • VIM/MacVIM
  • Pair Programming
  • Amazon AWS
  • Amazon AWS OpsWorks
  • Firebase
  • Heroku
  • DigitalOcean



Web Architect


At Listen360 I am the Web Architect leading the charge for defining how we build our Application as we move forward. We maintain a core set of applications tha span Ruby on Rails 3.2 to Rails 5.2.0. I have championed efforts to help move our fleet of applications to the most update releases. I have also worked with team to begin introducing frontend development and applications.

I am currently helping lead an initiative to migrate from our current Hosting provide, Rackspace, to AWS. This initiative makes use of many of the services AWS provides as well as some that are not. I have helped to build out and architect our new platform using Terraform to build our infrastructure as code. We are integrating a CI/CD workflow using CodePipeline, CodeDeploy and CodeBuild products. Our deployments will be facilitated in a Blue/Green manor with manual, as well as automated, steps within the pipeline. Our datastore will run through multiple RDS instances.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Rails API(gem), Resque(gem), Redis, RackSpace, AWS, Postgresql, Vue.js, ES6, Webpacker(gem)


Advisory Software Engineer - Team Lead

December 2014 - January 2018

My responsibilities at Manheim consist of being a mentor to many of the teams as an Advisory Engineer. Currently I am helping to assist our Enterprise Business Intelligence team with a strategic rollout of Adobe Analytics using Adobe DTM. My everyday responsibilities consist of being the Team Lead for one of 25 capability teams at Manheim.

Our most recent project was a complete redesign, visually and architecturally, of the Manheim Market Report for our customers to view transaction history for a given Year, Make, Model, Style or VIN. This new experience is a ReactJS frontend with a Ruby on Rails API backend.

I was involved from day one with the architectural design of this new approach for this application. We chose to use a Rails API backend due to the performance advantages and the current skillset of the team members. The backend API was designed as an Aggregate API that allows for multiple requests to be sent and a single response returned with the payload requested.

The React application is a consumer of our backend API, dubbed gateway_api. It also is a consumer of other internal API's within the Manheim family of applications. We use Redux for internal state management. Redux Saga is used for handling side-effects in our store.

Technologies used: Ruby on Rails, Rails API(gem), Sidekiq(gem), Redis, Docker, AWS, Postgresql, ReactJS, ES6

Adobe System Inc. - Dynamic Tag Management

Ruby on Rails Developer

July 2013 - December 2014

I work as a Rails engineer on the Dynamic Tag Management team. This product was aqcuired by Adobe in August 2013. Dynamic tag management gives marketers intuitive tools to manage an unlimited number of Adobe and third-party tags that can then trigger personalized experiences based on behavior, all in real time.

Dynamic Tag Management is powered by MongoDB, Postgresql, HAML, SCSS, Sidekiq, Heroku, AWS EC2/S3/CloudFront as well as countless others.

Search Discovery - Satellite

(Acquired by Adobe Systems Inc.)

Ruby on Rails Developer

Feb. 2013 - July 2013

I am one of two in-house developers working on the next generation platform for Tag Management/User Discovery System. We employ a hybrid stack of technologies to drive the Satellite application.

I work with technologies such as MongoDB, Postgresql, HAML, SCSS, delayed_job and countless others.

Cox Digital Exchange - Dealermatch.com

Ruby on Rails Developer - Team Lead

2012 - 2013

Team Lead of 3 pairs of developers. I work closely with Product and Business Analysts to determine the optimal path for completing feature requsts.

I work with my team members and a third party consultancy(ThoughtWorks) on a platform targeting Retail/Wholesale Automotive dealers. I work with Spine.js and Ruby/Rails development using MongoDB as a data store. RSpec and Cucumber are daily tools that I use for TDD & BDD approaches to my day to day development.

Ericsson(Duluth, GA)

Ruby on Rails Developer

2011 - 2012

I work with my team members and a third party consultancy(Hashrocket) on a Multimedia Delivery system targerted to Cable set top boxes as well as Mobile and PC based systems. I work on UI and backend Ruby/Rails development using MongoDB as a data store. RSpec and Cucumber are daily tools that I use for TDD & BDD approaches to my day to day development.

Star Robbins & Company

Web Developer/System Admin

2010 - 2011

Extended the feature set of an internal tool to manage the many cases and clients we serve. This tool was originally implemented with PHP and .NET, when I was hired in we evaluated the state of the tool and decided to rewrite the tool from the ground up with Ruby on Rails. Implemented Standardization of Systems, Hardware, and Business Processes.

Community Work

LDUG(Lehi Developers User Group)


LDUG Meetup

LDUG is a language agnostic meetup group. Our first meetup had 39 Duggers; this is what we call ourselves.




Designed for Aquarists, by Aquarists - A new step in monitoring and tracking your aquarium maintenence.




Rubunity is a new community where developers can, Create, Share, and Enlighten other Rubunians with resourceful bookmarks, guides, code snippets and laid back fellowship with one another.




TicketsTickets is an Open Source HelpDesk system with the ability to track assets. The vision is for TicketsTickets to operate as a standalone application, while also having the ability to function as a full blown SaaS application.


Spencerian College - Lexington, KY

Associates Degree — Computer Graphics Design

North Laurel High School - London, KY

Class of 2000

Evan Sparkman — me@evansparkman.com — (404)-621-3125